Positive Ageism in House-sitting

Well, there’s got to be some benefit to getting old and this is certainly one of them.

Would you want to entrust your fragile ornaments, expensive art-works or beloved pets to a teenage gapper?  No, I didn’t think so.  After seeing the state they leave some hostel kitchens in, I wouldn’t either.

The good news is that age and experience act in your favour when you are looking for a house-sit. Older sitters are generally considered to be more reliable and careful with other peoples belongings.

Older sitters are more likely to:

  • own or have owned their own property
  • know how to deal with household emergencies
  • appreciate how hard you worked to buy your home

Older sitters are less likely to:

  • forget to water the plants/feed the pets
  • stay out all night
  • have wild parties
  • play loud music
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