The 13 Obvious and Not So Obvious Benefits of House-sitting

  1. lets start with the obvious one – you get to live rent free
  2. you will be able to travel to and live in places that would normally be outwith your budget
  3. you get to settle in one place and live like the locals/ex-pats for a while
  4. you get comfortable, spacious, fully equipped accommodation
  5. you get to try out a variety of different locations and property styles. One day, when/if (God forbid!) you decide to grow up and settle down somewhere these experiences may help you decide what you are looking for – old or new, urban or rural, low or high maintenance.
  6. in many places there will be books, dvds, games, gadgets all for you to use during your stay
  7. you’ll develop a wide range of reading tastes as you’re exposed to other people’s book collections
  8. you can get healthy – walking the dog, doing the garden, swimming in the pool. Sometimes there is fruit and veggies in the garden that you can use
  9. more often than not there will be tv, wi-fi, a car
  10. you can shop locally and cook for yourself
  11. you will be unavailable to attend family events and will miss gift giving/card sending/new outfit buying occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and weddings, saving yourself a fortune
  12. you will learn how to operate a variety of appliances. No shower, washing machine, tv, dvd player, cooker, air con or heating system will get the better of you.
  13. if the cost of your travel is equal to or less than the amount it would cost you to pay for accommodation, you’re saving money
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