Questions you should ask – Part 1 – About the Animals

One of the most stressful things for pet owners going away from home is the concern over how happy and well looked after their pets will be in their absence.  Pet-sitting is an ideal situation for the worried owner. The pets like it too! In order to reassure the owner and make sure you are completely clear about what is required of you, ask the following questions.

Food and Drink

What do they eat?

How often should they be fed?

What time do they eat?

What size of portion do they get?

Where do they like to be fed?

Do they get any treats?

Is there enough food for the duration of the pet-sit?

If food runs out where can we buy it? (Keep a note of what you spend to make sure you are reimbursed)

Is there anything they should NOT be given, e.g. bones.

Are there any feeding issues e.g. keeping animals separate, making sure they don’t steal each other’s food, feeding animals in a specific order.


Where do they like to go?

Are they allowed outside alone?

How do they get on with other animals?

Are there any safety issues to consider e.g. busy roads, sheep, known instances of poison laid down.

In the House

Are there any rooms or places they are not allowed to go?

Are there any valuable items they should be kept away from?

Where do they sleep?

Going out

Where are they left when you go out?

How long are you happy to leave them for?

Do they do any damage?

Can we take them with us when we go out?

Do they go in the car?


Where do they go?

What is the cleaning up routine?

What cleaning materials do you use?

Where are they kept?


Do they need any medications?

Are they fully innoculated, wormed, neutered?

How do we deal with issues such as fleas or ticks?

What is the address and telephone number of your vet?

Do they need regular grooming?

Where are the grooming tools?

I know, it sounds like a lot of questions but most of the answers generally come out during the handover chat anyway and you can just use this list as a double-check to make sure you’ve covered everything.

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