Before you leave

When your house-sit comes to an end you will want to make sure that you leave everything just as (or better than) you found it. If you want to be asked back or get good references, the home owner must be delighted with how they find their home on their return.

As the leaving date approaches I like to make a To Do list and schedule the dates into my diary. The list should include the following:

  • Cleaning tasks
  • Launder bedding and towels used
  • Make up owner’s bed with clean bedding
  • Arrange pick up from station/airport if required
  • Make sure all mail has been dealt with and bills paid
  • Replace any household/foodstuffs that you have used unless it was agreed with the owner that you should use them
  • Make notes of anything you need to tell the owner/any costs that you have incurred
  • Make sure there is enough tea/coffee/milk
  • Pack your stuff
  • Put anything you have moved back where it was
  • Make sure the house and garden are tidy

And when the house-owners return, go over how things have gone, give back the keys and make yourself scarce!

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