Chania house-sitters take to the road

February 2010

Back in Chania and with unlimited access to internet we’ve hardly seen the light of day as we spend hours searching and researching our next trip. After what we would see as a lazy couple of years on the travel front – Greece, Fyrom (Macedonia), Turkey, UK – it’s time to get the passports out and fill the last couple of pages with stamps!

What started out as a break from house sitting on Crete has now become an extension of it as we plan to include a couple of ‘sits’ in Hong Kong and Singapore in our travels.

Luckily our friends here lure us away from our screens occasionally with promises of food and wine – with the odd raki thrown in. Lunch with Jane, Louella and Maria yesterday, drinks at The Kaf tonight and an afternoon sesh planned in Chania old town on Sunday.

I still have a few ‘urgent’ tasks on the To Do list – finish crocheting my blanket, sorting my few belongings into ‘take’ and ‘leave behind’, read a book or two and somehow find the motivation to continue rewriting my novel. All this to be done before Tuesday………….help.

I’m trying not to worry about keeping my load to less than 15 kilos. As long as I have my beautiful pink net-book and the various electrical implements required to keep it alive everything else is nonessential. Well apart from the electric toothbrush and a few items of clothing…………and maybe some shoes.

9 March

Our last day on Crete for a wee while has arrived. The blanket is finished and the bags are packed, both nice and light at less than 13kg each. With a 30kg allowance on our return flights wih Gulf we’ll be bringing masses of goodies back!

The novel still remains untouched for 2 weeks now………..not good.

We have said our farewells…………a marathon 4am finish in the Kaf on Thursday and a lovely lunch in Splantzia on Sunday. We’ll be setting off to Souda soon for the 9pm ferry, back to roughing it on deck in sleeping bags! It’ll be Thursday morning before we reach Bangkok but we’re looking forward to a Beer Chang in the Gecko Bar on Thursday night.

So bye to all on Crete and looking forward to catching up with pals in SE Asia.

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