Questions you should ask – Part 3 – About the Area

Part of the fun of travelling is discovering new places for yourself. House-sitting gives you the opportunity to get to know a place really well and from a different perspective from the normal tourist.

What better place to start than drawing on the knowledge of someone who already lives there – your home owner.  People love to promote the area they live in and to share their favourite spots with others. They’ll know things you won’t find in the guide books and their information will be bang up to date.

Here are just a few of the things we like to ask on arriving to house-sit in a new place.

  • where is the nearest Post Office/bank/ATM?
  • where is the nearest doctor/dentist/barber/hairdresser?
  • where is the nearest supermarket? Is it the best? What one do you use?
  • are there any local markets? Where and when are they on?
  • are there any local shops nearby – baker/butcher/wine shop/dairy?
  • where do we go to pay any bills that come in?
  • where are the best bars, restaurants, cinema?
  • what public transport is available?
  • what museums, galleries, walks, sights, beaches, parks, activities, tourist attractions would you recommend?

I’ve possibly missed something really important from this list. If you have a question you would add let me know.

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