Why I’ve scored smartphone off my shopping list

Is there something in the terms and conditions of your average smartphone contract that requires the user to have it on display at all times? Is it just impossible to resist playing with these things constantly? Or is it just me? Have I been away so long that I’ve got no-one to call/sms/e-mail/Facebook/tweet every 5 minutes? Or are these people browsing through their latest apps?

I honestly think that at least 25% of the people I see with the offending object clamped to their ear are not even talking to anyone. They just don’t feel complete without the phone as an appendage to their thick heids!

With others it’s the keypad that’s key! They just can’t help tap-tapping away – obviously without their phone they would look pretty stupid with their thumbs waving about in thin air!

Then there’s the ones that have to do it while they are walking about – just as you are about to follow one onto an escalator, they pause to hit a complicated sequence of buttons. Or worse, they stop just as they get off, causing you to choose between joining them in their shoes or backstepping into the growing pile of people behind you. I even sat beside a lady in the mall who ate her lunch and chatted to her friend (who was sitting opposite her) all with her smartphone held tightly against her left ear-hole.

Today, for instance, on a 40 minute MRT journey in Singapore I spotted no magazines, no books, a couple of newspapers and about 30 folk fiddling with their bloody phones!

While I’m on the subject of phones, another thing that I find extremely irritating when flying is that people find it absolutely necessary to keep their mobiles switched on till the very last minute. Then, as soon as the plane touches the ground, everyone switches on again, even though the crew have just said don’t switch phones on till inside the terminal building. Can people not bear to be incommunicado for any length of time at all? You land at the end of a long flight, you’ve been trapped in a small space with screaming children, sitting with the remains of your meal tray in front of you for far longer than you would like. And now you have to wait as huge trolley cases come dangerously close to your head as they are retrieved from the overhead bins, listening to the constant bleeping of text messages coming through as mobile phones are switched on all around you.

mobile phone

Smart enough for me!

To think I was actually thinking of getting one of these things. My seven year old Nokia’s screen was so scratched I couldn’t read incoming texts. Luckily, most of the texts I get are in Greek and from Vodaphone so it didn’t matter. But then the screen cracked completely and I did give some thought to buying a new phone. One that would take photos, play music – even connect me to the internet! Then I found a wee shop in Hong Kong who could replace the whole Nokia casing – a new clear screen and shiny new buttons – all for £2.50! No contest. Here’s looking forward to another seven years, smartphone free!

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3 Responses to Why I’ve scored smartphone off my shopping list

  1. pishedpaul says:

    You should have seen Cookie, Nessie and Allan last night. All playing with their smart phones. Who says the art of conversations dead?

  2. Leone Fabre says:

    love the blog posting …… I think most people have the smart phones only because of peer pressure. “What – you don’t have an IPhone? How on earth do you cope”??


    ‘Playing’ on them is not communication with others, it is communicating with yourself. I have been happy with my Nokia for many years, never a problem. I use it for SMS and the odd phone call. We did not have a land line till just a couple of weeks ago, relying on the cell phone, email, FB, blog or just plain old fashioned FACE to FACE chatting to communicate with others.

    As for texting, I am afraid we are losing the art of communication rapidly …… SMS has done us all a disservice. But that is another issue altogether!

    anyway ….. JF deided to buy us both IPhones recently ….. use I use it as I did my Nokia, the odd call, SMS and checking the time. I have ‘no time’ for the apps, would much rather use that time on the train watching people, reading or talking to my companion. JF uses his mainly to read the news on his way to work as he has no other time or opportunity to do so.

    We head back home today after 5 days away ….. neither of us have had our cell phones on at all. I turned mine on for 2 mins on Mothers Day to check IF there was an SMS for me!!!

    I think most people have come to not just rely on them but are actually obsessed with them ….. though they would not admit it. 🙂

    You hang in their with your Nokia, you are the winner in the long run!

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