Is House-sitting right for you?

Eillin Donan

Sometimes the house may be somewhat remote!

We started house-sitting after we had been living in rented accommodation on Crete for about 10 months. Over that period the pound had weakened against the Euro and our UK income had become worth less with every month that passed. We were about to leave for somewhere cheaper when we were asked to house-sit. One sit led to another and we found that the lifestyle suited us.

We like to travel but we also like to settle for a while too. Having periods of rent-free living allows us to save for the times when we are ‘on the road’.

Talking to our latest sittee about the various sitters she has had made me think about the reasons why other people house-sit. I came up with the following list.

Some of these apply to house-sits in your home town or country, others abroad and a good few apply equally to both.

Kaya Coyu Turkey

"I can't find the light switch!"

Reasons for House-sitting

  • for a holiday or short break
  • temporary relocation for work or to look for work
  • while selling your own property
  • while working in your own home – remodelling/decorating
  • as a base while looking for your own place
  • to try living in a different type of area or house – old/new/town/country/with a garden/an apartment
  • to save for something
  • to pay off debts
  • to work on something creative – art/writing/photography/a new internet business
  • to try living somewhere before committing to a permanent move
  • to live abroad without a long-term commitment
  • to experience living with locals
  • you are considering getting a pet and want to see if the commitment will suit you
  • you love animals but can’t have a pet of your own
  • to extend long-term travel

House-sitting isn’t for everyone. You have to be pretty flexible with travel plans and be prepared for things to change sometimes at short notice. If this doesn’t appeal to you house-sitting might not be for you.

Reasons why house-sitting might not be for you

"And the neighbours, Fred and Wilma, are so nice"

  • you need a permanent base
  • you like to be surrounded by your own things
  • you could be needed at home at short notice
  • you do not want the responsibility of looking after someone elses property and pets
  • you do not want to be restricted to staying in one place for any length of time
  • you do not want to be tied down to coming and going at set times each day

What do you think?

Maybe these reasons will inspire you to consider house-sitting as an option for yourself. Or not! Maybe you have a reason I haven’t mentioned. If so feel free to add to this list by adding a comment  below.

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