Our Travelling Life part 1

When we started this blog it was obvious there was a lot of catching up to do if we wanted to set the scene by documenting the whole journey up to now. We wanted to tell people where we’ve been, what we’ve learned and how we’ve survived financially almost as a way of justifying that we have the knowledge and experience to make us a reliable source of information.

The journals

On our first few trips we each kept a hand-written journal in which we faithfully recorded events, however mundane, on our journey. To be honest, writing our journals became a complete chore and we often lapsed for weeks, reluctantly playing catch up to make sure nothing was missed in the record of our journeys. Each time we returned to Scotland the notebooks were packed away in storage boxes to lie unread for years.

Then, during a visit to Edinburgh in 2009,  I read a library book on how to write your own life story and this prompted me to dig out a few of the journals.  I didn’t find all the notebooks and the ones I did find were dull but I transcribed some notes onto my newly acquired laptop and filed them away. Little did I know then that those notes would become a basis for a series of blog posts.

How many posts?

My first thought was maybe seven or eight posts, each one covering a specific period either at home or away. I published the first one as The Road to Freedom – part 1 (now titled The Road to Freedom) about how we met and the two years leading up to our first departure.

Then the volume of information started to overwhelm me and the cheesy title with the Braveheart undertones started to irritate me. The pressure of getting it all down started to put me off altogether.


The series has been renamed, the self-inflicted pressure has been taken off and the story will be told bit by bit at a pace that suits us.  It might not come out in any logical order. It will definitely take a long time.

Be warned

A lot of what we write about our travels will be self-indulgent. It’s not going to be current or detailed enough to be useful to anyone travelling today. A lot of it will have to be written from memory – and ours aren’t what they used to be. Nevertheless, the story will eventually be written.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Lets start in the middle

If you can’t wait for the next instalment why don’t you look at the Travel blogs we wrote for family and friends during our trip through Latin America in 2007 and 2008.

Marie’s Latin America blog

Iain’s Latin America blog

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