What now?

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got plenty to do.


First, there’s the book. It’s now a full year since I completed the first draft of my novel. I’ve no intention of trying to get it published. I’m not likely to let another soul read it.  But for my own personal satisfaction I want to edit it, rewrite it and (eventually) finish it. I estimate there’s at least a year’s work there.

Then there’s  this blog. When I started it I was brimming with enthusiasm. I was going to document eight years of travel, imparting invaluable advice to would be budget travellers and potential house-sitters. It’s all there on the home page.

I almost forgot the Greek! Language that is. It would be easy to fill hours, days, weeks, months and yes many, many years studying the language that would be of most use to us in our current location.

But I miss my crocheting. I no longer have it as an excuse to procrastinate.  Since we arrived here in Fres 5 weeks ago I have been mega industrious. You only have to look at The Constant Crocheter for evidence of that.  But it had to stop. I’ve got no wool left, a fair amount of stock for my stall at the winter fayre and the worry that I’ll be landed with a suitcase full of crochet goods to offload before our next trip.

I’ve surfed the net looking for inspiration………..but all I found were hundreds of travel/house-sitting/change-your-life blogs that are much better than mine.

I’ve tried Twitter and Facebook, both excellent tools for procrastination, but they just don’t grab me in the same way.

Why I prefer crocheting to doing all that other stuff :-

  • It doesn’t hurt my brain
  • Its colourful
  • I see quick results
  • I’m quite good at it
  • I can watch telly at the same time.

Oh well, I can always start work on all that other stuff tomorrow. Meantime, its time for America’s Next Top Model.

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