About Our House and Pet-sitting Services

Are you concerned about leaving your home empty when you go on holiday?

Are you unable to take holidays together because of your pets?

Do you hate leaving your pets in kennels or catteries?

Are you sick of coming back to dead plants and out of control gardens?

Is the cost of pet boarding too expensive?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions maybe you need a house-sitter.

We will:-

  • look after your pets, home, garden, plants and pool as if they are our own
  • keep your property clean, secure and well maintained while you are away
  • deal with your incoming mail and bills
  • drop you off at and pick you up from the airport if required and a car is provided
  • we’ll even run you’re business for you (we’ll want paid for that!)

We do not charge for this. We provide the service in return for rent free accommodation. We will consider any destination for any length of time – the longer the better!


We have decided not to publish comments from people we have sat for on this site as, to be honest, how can you know that they are genuine?

However, we will be happy to pass the e-mail address of anyone interested in our services to previous customers, on request.


If you are interested in having us house/pet-sit for you contact either:-




If  you want to read more about us have a look at Our Housecarers Profile

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